[one-users] onevm shutdown equals to onevm delete?

Alvaro Canales accleo at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 03:05:00 PDT 2008

I have a this doubt:
Is "onevm shutdown" equivalent to "onevm delete"?
I guess it is not, but when I execute "onevm shutdown", I cannot see the vm
anymore (like with "onevm delete" :p). I guess it goes to the vm pool, but
the fact is that I cannot restart it or recover it from there with any
command and "ovm delete" doesn't works then too (I get an "Error: Wrong
state to perform action" exception...). I think it goes to a kind of
Limbo... or goes to the "done" state, as seen in
By the way, I have to say that since I have many machines stucked in the
"boot" state, I cannot delete them because I get a  "Error: Wrong state to
perform action" exception too. Is there a way to clean up from this state?
What's more, is there a way to (properly) clean everything up? Maybe
stopping the one daemon and then removing everything from the var directory?
Anyway, as always, many many thanks for your time and attention!

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