[one-ecosystem] New component(OVF4ONE) for openenbula 2.2

kanramas Kanchanna.RamasamyBalraj at eng.it
Thu May 3 03:08:01 PDT 2012

Dear Opennebula team,

We have realised a tool that provides OCCI interface that accepts 
OVF(Open virtualization format) input on top of the Opennebula OCA 
interface. Please find further details on the tool below.

Name of the Component: * OVF4ONE

*URL of the Component: *http://grids15.eng.it/svn/main/ovf4one

*Brief Description (30 words max): *This software is a Java 
implementation of OCCI according to GFD.184 using OVF messages and 
OpenNebula as back end.Technically speaking, ovf4one is an OCCI to OCA 
gateway, translating RESTful calls to the OCCI methods into OCA RESTful 
calls and the OVF XML message is translated into OpenNebula VM 
templates. .This project has been realised as part of Venus-C EU project

*Type (tool/extension/plugin):* Tool

*License (proprietary/OSS):* LGPL license

*OpenNebula Version:* 2.2

*Author (person or organization developing the code): *Gian Uberto 
Lauri(Engineering Ingegneria Informatica Spa)

*E-mail:* saint at eng.it, kanramas at eng.it


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