[one-dev] AppStage Addon

Javier Fontan jfontan at opennebula.org
Wed Oct 30 05:21:58 PDT 2013


We've seen in the OpenNebulaConf that there are people interested in
the AppStage component. That is, automating VM installation using
tools like Chef, Puppet, Salt or Ansible.

The latest version of the tool is compatible with 3.8 series and only
supports Chef. It is composed of two halves. One is the server part
that manages chef recipes and which roles the VM will have and the
other one is a script for the contextualization package that knows how
to start chef with the information provided in the context section.

I am extracting the code for that version from our OpenNebula Apps
repository and modifying it so it can run standalone as an Addon. It
can be taken as an example or as an staring point for a tool that
replaces it for newer OpenNebula versions.

Our aim is to start a conversation with people interested in this tool
so together we can design a tool that can fulfill most of our needs.
This can be supporting more CMS software, other ways of usage, etc.


Javier Fontán Muiños
OpenNebula - The Open Source Toolkit for Data Center Virtualization
www.OpenNebula.org | @OpenNebula | github.com/jfontan

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