[one-users] Trying to understand VCPU and CPU parameters in VM template

Carsten.Friedrich at csiro.au Carsten.Friedrich at csiro.au
Thu Sep 16 17:33:24 PDT 2010

>From the documentation:

CPU Percentage of CPU divided by 100 required for the Virtual Machine. Half a processor is written 0.5.
VCPU Number of virtual cpus. This value is optional, the default hypervisor behavior is used, usually one virtual CPU

I'm not quite clear how these vlaues are interpreted: E.g. if I specify CPU 0.5 and VCPU 2, does this mean I get 2 virtual CPUs each getting 50% of a real host CPU, or does this mean I get 2 VCPUs which together can use up to 50% of a host CPU, i.e. each VCPU basically gets 25% of a real CPU?


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