[one-users] vOneCloud - Folder Deployment Selection

Jon three18ti at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 13:26:46 PDT 2015

Hello OpenNebula Users,

I received the announcement that vOneCloud has been released today so I
thought I'd spin it up since we're currently in the market for a self
service "cloud" portal to enable customers to deploy VMs to our vSphere

This was really easy to setup (compared to VIO for instance), I'm really

However, I can't seem to figure out how to select which folder to deploy
VMs to.  Currently when I instantiate a template it's created in the
"TEMPLATES" folder where all of the discovered templates are.

I'm currently using the CloudAdmin user / I'm the vSphere admin so it's not
a big deal to just drag it to the appropriate folder, but as we start
opening this up to other users we'll want to restrict them to their
assigned resources and it's not really feasible to have someone continue to
do that.

Our current permissions model calls for each customer to have their own:
Resource pool, vSphere folder, port group, and datastore.  Is there a way
to select app pool?  Can vOC import existing app pools?  The way we've
implemented permissions seems to be a similar concept to the VDC. My
ultimate goal is to be able to have OpenNebula available but still allow
users access to vCenter for the time being (basically a transitional period
for lack of a better word).  Is that something that is possible in the
current version of vOneCloud?

I'm glad I've stayed subscribed to the mailing list, you guys do awesome

Jon A
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