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Paul Batchelor pbatchelor at blackberry.com
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Hi Christoph,

Looking at the context.ps1 script here (https://github.com/OpenNebula/addon-context-windows/blob/master/context.ps1) it appears that:

The format of <DEV>_DNS is a space separated list of DNS server IPs - e.g. ""
I can't see where <DEV>_DNS_SEARCH is being set, so I guess it is ignored. I would expect this to be a list of search domains - the equivalent to the 'search <domain>' entry inside nsswitch.conf on Linux/Unix systems.

I would also strongly recommend adding a reboot command (e.g. "shutdown -r -t 0 -f") to the end of this script as it does not appear to reboot the VM after changing the host name. (which isn't particularly safe on windows as certain system services only read the hostname at startup - particularly netlogon - you can see the effect of this if you connect (by RDP) to a newly contextualized VM and you will see that the hostname presented in the machine certificate is incorrect)


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I want to setup a Windows VM. I found a description about how to contextualize a Windows VM under http://docs.opennebula.org/4.8/user/virtual_machine_setup/windows_context.html,
but is there anywhere a complete example of a template with context for Windows VMs? I neither know how network interfaces in Windows are named (so do not know how <DEV>_IP ist to be expanded), nor do I know the correct format for the values of  <DEV>_DNS and  <DEV>_SEARCH_DOMAIN.


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