[one-users] Changing default datastore location

Diego M. thedragonsreborn at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 30 05:41:22 PST 2014

Hi dears,Today I have tried to create a datastore in a different location to start creating new VMs there (I was running out of space on the default one), so I created all the datastores (File, system and image datastores) in this new location and my surprise was that file and image datastores were working as expected, but the system datastore for some reason was not working, all the VMs were being created in the default datastore location even when I was selecting the new datastore on the deployment.
I gave up at the end and changed the default datastore location on the oned.conf file, and as a workaround is working.
But I would like to understand why this is happening, and what is wrong with my configuration, in a much more complex landscape this could be an interesting headache :) 
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