[one-users] Fencing and/or STONITH in case of an host error (ft/host_error.rb)

Jeff Shotnik jshotnik at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 05:29:55 PST 2014

> As a side note, we are now working (it maybe incorporated in 4.8.1) in
> "off-line" migration capability. This is, once the host is fence (the
> VM
> will be in UNKNOWN), the error hook will be able to set the reschedule
> flag
> and the scheduler will look for a new host. The VM will move from
> to BOOT and then RUNNING in a different host. Provided you have a >
> storage NFS or Ceph like across cluster hosts that will preserve >
> disk changes and speed up the restart process.

Ruben, this would be great. I'm running 4.10.0-1, is "off-line"
migration capability included? 

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