[one-users] IOPS in quota section for 4.12

kiran ranjane kiran.ranjane at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 15:16:04 PST 2014

Hi Team,

I think we should add IOPS in quota section where in oneadmin can assign
IOPS at user and group level.

For example :

-- Oneadmin assigns 2000 IOPS to a particular user, which means that
particular user should not exceed 2000 IOPS on his total number of VM that
he is running.

-- After IOPS is assigned to user/group through quota section, Cloud view
user should be able to assign IOPS at VM disks level as per his choice.
(eg: if a user/group is assigned quota of 2000 IOPS then he should have the
ability to set IOPS of the VM disk before starting the VM.)

User/Group have total IOPS Quota = 2000

User Sets IOPS at Disk Level :
Virtual Machine OS disk = 300 IOPS
Virtual Machine Data Disk  = 300 IOPS

Total remaining IOPS = 1400 IOPS

I really think this feature should be a must add in quota section as it
will easy many things related to default way of assigning IOPS to VM.

Kiran Ranjane
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