[one-users] Picking certain fields /USER/NAME out of $USER[TEMPLATE]

Steven Timm timm at fnal.gov
Thu Nov 13 07:34:08 PST 2014

Under OpenNebula 3.2 we would include in the
contextualization section the field $USER[TEMPLATE]
and then add a contextualization script such that
we would grab the field /USER/NAME out of the base64 encoded
template information.

In Opennebula 4.8 you can still put $USER[TEMPLATE]
into your contextualization but now there is a lot more junk
in $USER[TEMPLATE], namely all the key pairs that have been
created via ec2CreateKeyPair for each user.  At first we
did not know what was happening because $USER[TEMPLATE]
grew to over 300kb, a size that actually breaks bash! 
(you can't assign a shell variable to a value that big).

So now the question is--is there a way to include only the
user name field of the template in the contextualization section,
and nothing else, through some combination of ruby syntax.
If so, how?

Steve Timm

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