[one-users] How do you change the '-vga cirrus' option on KVM

Gerry O'Brien gerry at scss.tcd.ie
Thu Nov 13 07:25:35 PST 2014

Hi Daniel,

  Thanks for the info. In general, do you know what the mapping is
between the XML 'model type' and the parameter that gets passed to KVM
via the -vga switch?


On 10/11/2014 18:04, Daniel Dehennin wrote:
> Gerry O'Brien <gerry at scss.tcd.ie> writes:
>> Hi,
> Hello,
>>     How do you change the '-vga cirrus' option for KVM to something
>> else, e.g. '-vga std'? Is it done via the RAW data in the template?
> That's how I do it:
>     RAW=[TYPE="kvm",DATA="<devices><video><model type=\"vga\" heads=\"1\"></model></video></devices>"]
> It could be interesting to be able to select it in the template:
> 1. provide a default in /etc/one/vmm_exec/vmm_exec_kvm.conf (cirrus for example)
> 2. if graphics is “SPICE”, set the card to “qxl” in the template
> 2. user can override the card type for this template
> If you define the RAW DATA in /etc/one/vmm_exec/vmm_exec_kvm.conf, then
> you can not override it in the template because RAW are concatenated.
> Regards.
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