[one-users] Private cloud with Front-end on Virtual MAchine HA

Bart bart at pleh.info
Thu Nov 13 02:38:58 PST 2014


Do you mean to have the frontend (OpenNebula management) running on the
actual OpenNebula cluster?

If that's the case then I would also be very interested in this scenario :)

As for GlusterFS, we've followed these instructions with success:

   - http://docs.opennebula.org/4.10/
   - http://docs.opennebula.org/4.10/administration/storage/gluster_ds.html

Also, all other instructions that we found were also on the documentation

With it, we've created the following:

   - *GlusterFS:* Two storage hosts (running CentOS 7) in the back-end
   which provide the whole image/datastore for OpenNebula. HA is setup via
   round robin DNS. After testing we've found this to work quite well in terms
   of performance and redundancy (better then expected). All network ports are
   setup as a bond using balance-alb.
   - *Hypervisors: *a.t.m. 4 hypervisors (will eventually grow to 8)
   running CentOS 7. They have 2 network ports setup using bonding with
   balance-alb, they are connected to the virt/storage VLAN. And two network
   ports setup in a bond using active-backup, this is used for the bridge port
   (with VLAN tagging enabled). Active-backup seems to be the proper setting
   for a bridge port since a bridge can't work that well with balance-alb.
   - *OpenNebula management node:* This includes the OpenNebula daemon,
   sunstone and all other functions. Currently, since we're building up this
   environment. Hypervisors and storage have been arranged and we're happy
   with how those parts are setup, however the management node is currently
   still something we're not very sure about. We're considering buying two
   physical servers to do this job and create an active backup solution as
   described in the documentation:
   However, buying hardware just for this seems a waste since these servers
   won't be doing that much (resource wise).
      - We do have plans on testing this node, dual, on the actual
      OpenNebula cluster. But something is holding us back. I can't find any
      proof of someone achieving this. Also, we're seeing some issues
that might
      occur when OpenNebula is managing itself (e.g. live migration, reboot,
      shutdown, etc.).
   - *Virtual machine HA setup: *We haven't actually started with this part
   yet, but this document describes on how you can create a setup where
   virtual machines become HA:
   For us this is something we'll probably start looking into once we've found
   a proper setup for the OpenNebula management node.

Hopefully this info helps you a little and I also hope someone else can
elaborate on running OpenNebula as a VM on it's own cluster. Or, at least
other best practices on how to run OpenNebula in a VM without buying two
physical servers for this job, (any insight on this subject would be
helpful :)

-- Bart

2014-11-13 9:50 GMT+01:00 Giancarlo De Filippis <gdefilippis at ltbl.it>:

>  Hi all,
> someone have some documentation for a sample of private cloud structure
> with:
> - Two nodes in HA
> - Front-end on virtual machine HA
> With storage file system on glusterfs
> Thanks all..
> GD
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