[one-users] reg sunstone - VNC

Rajendar K k.rajendar at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 23:29:54 PST 2014

Hi All,
           I am using opennebula 4.6 version.  My setup has
(i) ONE   -  Machine A  ( sunstone server is also running)
          -  two nodes z1-nc04, z1-nc03

(ii) Sunstone Sever  -  Machine B, (using the same credential of Machine A)

           the issue i am facing is that i can access the VNC of any VM
the sunstone [machine A], but when i access through machine B, it fails.
Both machines are in the same subnet. (using telnet i can see its being

The novnc log is as follows,

WebSocket server settings:
  - Listen on :29876
  - Flash security policy server
  - No SSL/TLS support (no cert file)
  - proxying from :29876 to targets in

  1: Plain non-SSL (ws://) WebSocket connection
  1: Version hybi-13, base64: 'False'
  1: Path: '/?token=npfbnzreud4ozaiasiwq'
  1: connecting to: z1-nc04:5995
  1: handler exception: [Errno -3] Temporary failure in name resolution
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