[one-users] Fault Tolerance and shared storage

Tino Vazquez cvazquez at c12g.com
Wed Mar 26 09:44:44 PDT 2014

Hi Nuno,

What version of OpenNebula are you using?



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On 26 March 2014 17:29, Nuno Serro <nserro at reitoria.ulisboa.pt> wrote:

>  Hello,
> We've started using a system datastore whith a shared storage in a
> clustered fs, so we could start testing the live migrate functionality. The
> live migrate is working as expected, but when testing the fault tolerance
> using the host_hook, we noticed the following error:
> [TM][I]:  ln -s "/dev/vg-nebula/lv-one-144"
> "/var/lib/one/datastores/109/393/disk.0"" failed: ln: failed to create
> symbolic link `/var/lib/one/datastores/109/393/disk.0': File exists
> [TM][E]: Error linking /dev/vg-nebula/lv-one-144
> I understand the error. When I kill one node and host_hook kicks in, being
> the storage shared between nodes, the symlinks to the images are already
> there.
> My question is regarding the hook definition:
>     name      = "error",
>     on        = "ERROR",
>     command   = "ft/host_error.rb",
>     arguments = "$ID -r",
>     remote    = "no" ]
> Is it possible to configure the hook to delete the VM, and afterwards
> creating it? We tried combining "-d" and "-r" flags but only one flag seems
> to be used.
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards,
>  --
>   Nuno Serro
> Coordenador
> Núcleo de Infraestruturas e Telecomunicações
> Departamento de Informática
> Alameda da Universidade  -  Cidade Universitária
> 1649-004 Lisboa    PORTUGAL
> T. +351 210 443 566 - Ext. 19816
> E. nserro at reitoria.ulisboa.pt
> www.ulisboa.pt
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