[one-users] Copy image on Ceph to file-based datastore

Jaime Melis jmelis at opennebula.org
Fri Mar 21 02:57:33 PDT 2014


Have you benchmarked Online write-through caching / Online write-back / Offline
write-back ?

Are you proposing we should allow the three options or just stick to one?

Anyways, this sounds like an amazing addon :)

It'd be nice if in the machine template where you specify individual
> disks, if you could state what caching mode to use.  Alternatives would
> be to specify it in the image template or (least favourable) in the
> datastore template.

If I understood correctly, you can use the CACHE option here:

although it might need a change in order to be able to specify the target
cache. How do you think the interface should be?


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