[one-users] problem with compressed images from Marketplace 4.2

Maxim Terletskiy terletskiy at emu.ru
Thu Mar 27 06:38:51 PDT 2014


We're trying to use Marketplace in Opennebula 4.2 and see strange things 
with compressed images. Importing image with name "Ubuntu Server 12.04 
(Precise Pangolin) - kvm" I see that script downloading bzipped file and 
extracting it to temp directory.  After downloading and unpacking image 
successfully registering, oneimage saying it is 10Gb size, but the real 
size of file is 4Gb. qemu-img info shows that it is raw format file 4gb 
size. Image not usable, grub starting, but OS not booting because of 
missing data. The same thing with the other images I've tried(CentOS 6, 

Opennebula server runs CentOS 6. Maybe someone can help with this problem?
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