[one-users] Can sunstone 4.0 be deployed on apache2 + passenger

sam song samsong8610 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 04:34:02 PDT 2014

hi all,

I saw that we can deploy sunstone on apache2 with passenger module in 
the official document. But how about the sunstone of ONE 4.0 version? 
How to do that? The same as for ONE 4.4?

In my installation, there are 4 host and about ten vms. There are 
several users using sunstone to admin ONE. Today, I found the process 
which is running sunstone-server.rb using 100% cpu time for a long time.

The offical document said the default thin server is suit for small or 
medium deployment. But how to find it is suit or not?



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