[one-users] OpenNebula 4.6.0 monitoring question

Ruben S. Montero rsmontero at opennebula.org
Wed Jul 30 04:05:52 PDT 2014

Not really sure what can be going on...  The monitor scripts return the
information of all VMs running in the node.  In 4.6 the monitoring system
uses a push approach,  through UDP,  so you may have the information being
reported by misbehaved monitoring daemons.  Sometimes this may happen in
dev environments if you are resetting the DB,...
On Jul 28, 2014 6:32 PM, "Steven Timm" <timm at fnal.gov> wrote:

> I am currently dealing with an unexplained monitoring question
> in OpenNebula 4.6 on my development cloud.
> I frequently see OpenNebula return that the status of a ONe
> host is "ON" even in the case of a system misconfiguration where,
> given the credentials, it is impossible for opennebula to
> even ssh into the node as oneadmin.
> I've fixed all those instances, restarted OpenNebula,
> but opennebula still reports a number of VM's
> in state "running" even though the node they are running
> on was rebooted three days ago and is running no
> virtual machines whatsoever.
> I think I could be dealing with database corruption of some type
> (generated on the one4.4->one4.6 update), or there could
> be some problem with the remote scripts on the nodes.
> I saw, and I think I fixed, the problems with the database
> corruption (namely one of the hosts and one of the datastores
> got knocked out of the database for reasons unknown, and I
> re-inserted them).   But in any case there is some
> error handling that is not working in the monitoring
> and something is exiting with status 0 that shouldn't be.
> ideas?  Has anyone else seen something like this?
> Steve Timm
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