[one-users] OVH (So You Start) + OpenNebula + 1 IP

Valentin Bud valentin.bud at gmail.com
Thu Jul 17 23:03:57 PDT 2014

Hello Pablo,

On Fri, Jul 18, 2014 at 6:53 AM, Pablo Hinojosa Nava <pablohn6 at gmail.com>

> Hi all,
> I am having problems trying to set up an OpenNebula host to virtualize
> with KVM.
> I have bought a dedicated server with OVH (So You Start) with 1 publlc IP.
> The public IP is on eth0 interface and each time I try to create a Linux
> bridge (as is suggested during the installation
> http://docs.opennebula.org/4.6/design_and_installation/quick_starts/qs_ubuntu_kvm.html#configure-the-network
> ) I got frozen the SSH connection.
> If I edit the file /etc/network/interfaces, then I run
> /etc/init.d/networking restart and it seems the server does not do
> anything. If I restart the server with changes made, I cannot recover the
> connection and I have to reinstall the operating system.
> If I try to create the bridge by hand, I the same problem (connection
> lost) when I try to add the bridge to the public network interface (etc0).
> It seems OVH use Mac Filtering switches, so that could be the reason.
> I could buy a block of 8 or 16 IPs, but it does not change way to
> configure OpenNebula.

If OVH is using MAC Filtering than you cannot bridge eth0 unless you create
the bridge
using the same MAC address as the one eth0 has. Never tried so I just
suppose it
could work.

You have at least three choices, you can either NAT a private class over
eth0 and define that
network in OpenNebula, you can acquire a /29 block, create a bridge, set
the first public IP
address on it and define the network in OpenNebula, or a combination of

You can choose to use Linux bridge or OpenvSwitch. Either of the two are
really easy to
set up and running. OpenNebula has network drivers for both of them. I
would choose
OpenvSwitch :).

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