[one-users] OpenNebula does not use MAC value included into VM NIC template

Alvaro Simon Garcia Alvaro.SimonGarcia at UGent.be
Wed Jul 16 06:24:44 PDT 2014


We need to set (and modify from time to time) the MAC address in our VM 
templates, by default ONE generates this MAC using the default prefix 
value and the VM ip, but we need to set a different MAC in some cases. 
We are including the MAC address into NIC section, as example:

> NIC=[
>   IP="",
>   MAC="AA:00:00:80:01:00",
>   MODEL="virtio",
>   NETWORK="br100",
>   NETWORK_UNAME="oneadmin",
>   TARGET="eth0" ]

but OpenNebula is still using the default value, and at the end we have 
to include the harcoded mac into our vnet conf (and we don't want to do 

LEASE=[ MAC="aa:01:00:80:01:00", IP="", 
IP6_LINK="fe80::ac01:ff:fe80:100", USED="0", VID="-1" ]

do you know if this is a known issue, or do we need to do something else 
to set the MAC from the VM template? We are testing opennebula 4.6 right now

Thanks in advance!

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