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On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 11:15 AM, Anandharaj Subramaniam <
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>  Hi,
> I would like to have an inventory of all the VM running on OpenNebula.
> Running “onevm list”  doesn’t not have all the info that I need. According
> to  “onevm” help page (--list x y c ), I can define the column name but
> what are the columns available to define there?
You have the --describe option for that:

$ onevm list --describe
ID                  : ONE identifier for Virtual Machine
NAME                : Name of the Virtual Machine
USER                : Username of the Virtual Machine owner
GROUP               : Group of the Virtual Machine
STAT                : Actual status
UCPU                : CPU percentage used by the VM
UMEM                : Memory used by the VM
HOST                : Host where the VM is running
TIME                : Time since the VM was submitted

> More or less, “onevm list” output  is fine but I need the IP address as
> well (same as VM list in Sunstone) How can I achieve this?
As you can see, the IP column does not exist. You can however customize the
command easily. Take a look
at /usr/lib/one/ruby/cli/one_helper/onevm_helper.rb, line 129 [1]. You can
add a new column that shows the VM/TEMPLATE/NIC/IP filed. Use onevm show -x
to see the VM object structure.


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