[one-users] Zones in 4.6

Alberto Zuin - Liste liste at albertozuin.eu
Thu Jul 10 04:37:28 PDT 2014

just started the upgrade from 4.4 to 4.6 using the zones for multiple 
datacenter federation, but there is something strange in my test setup.
Just to try, I have 2 datacenter and 1 server for datacenter: so I 
created my first server (Italy), installed One 4.6, mysql, and 
configured as "master" in federation option on oned.conf. I deployed 5 
VM on this server.
After that, I configured the second server (UK), installed One 4.6, 
mysql, imported the master DB, configured mysql replica and configured 
as Slave on oned.conf. Then, in Sunstone, I selected "UK" from the upper 
menu, I added the local host and local datastore and I deployed other 5 
VM on it.
Via sunstone or shell, is the same, I see 10 VM and all the 
hosts/datastores/etc. using UK zone, but only 5 VM and only local 
resources using the master Italy.
If I stop a VM on IT server, using IT zone, when I switch on UK, it 
result in unknown state, not stop.
Seems there is something wrong in replication (show slave status on UK 
datacenter is ok), or something similar.
Can you help me to find my problem?

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