[one-users] Xen Kernel not booting in worker node

Sudeep Narayan Banerjee snbanerjee at iitgn.ac.in
Thu Jul 3 03:08:21 PDT 2014

Dear Sir,

We have configured a physical box in Xen kernel following the handout
available at opennebula website.

*Below Steps done:**# yum install centos-release-xen*
*# cat << EOT > /etc/yum.repos.d/opennebula.repo*
*# yum install opennebula-common xen nfs-utils ruby*
*# /usr/bin/grub-bootxen.sh*
*# chkconfig xend off*
*# reboot*

But when I am trying to boot the server with the xen kernel, it fails to
boot saying "Invalid Magic Number 9090 Error 13: Invalid or unsupported
executable format"

But it is booting in other kernel. Any knowhow for this?

Thanks & Regards,
Sudeep Narayan Banerjee
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