[one-users] Bug in 4.6,2?

Grzegorz Kocur gkocur at ux.pl
Wed Jul 2 17:04:15 PDT 2014


Last night I upgraded opennebula 4.4 to newest stable version - 4.6.2.
The upgrade went smoothly, but after starting oned I met strange 
problem: user with given id could list template with the same id (with 
no rights to this template).

For example:
user with id 80 running "onetemplate list" gets template with id 80, 
user with id 81 gets template id 81  etc.
I had to revert to opennebula 4.4, this is critical for us.

It looks like a bug. Can anyone of you confirm this?


Grzegorz Kocur
Ux Systems http://www.ux.pl/

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