[one-users] Closing OpenNebula 4.4 Cycle, Planning for 4.6

Tino Vazquez cvazquez at c12g.com
Thu Jan 9 08:44:00 PST 2014

Dear users,

Having released OpenNebula 4.4 Retina and closed its release cycle, it
is time to open a new one for the next release.

We have identified the issues [1] (bugs + features) we deem important
for the release, and we have including in that list the features that
didn't make it in OpenNebula 4.4 in the end.

As discussed with the OpenNebula Conf attendees (see? you need to come
next year ;) ), we want to give our users the chance to shape the
roadmap for the upcoming OpenNebula 4.6. We invite you to submit your
comments on the roadmap via email (ideally within this thread, but
feel free to open a new one if you think it is necessary to discuss
any particular topic). This valuable input will be used to shape the
short-term roadmap with the features that will be part of the release

The ideal process of the discussion would be for any person interested
in discussing a feature request to search first if there is already a
similar one in the OpenNebula development portal [2]. If no similar
request is found, please open one describing as best as you can what
feature you have in mind, and let us know in this mailing list so we
know there is interest and we need to shape the roadmap to accommodate
it. If you find a similar request, read through the proposed approach
and let us know if you agree on it. If not, please put a comment in
the feature request explaining your concern, and let us know as well

We plan to close this discussion next Thursday, 16th, EOB.

It goes without saying that the more interest we see on a feature,
more priority it will have in the short-term roadmap.

Tino, on behalf of the OpenNebula Team

[1] http://dev.opennebula.org/projects/opennebula/issues?query_id=45
[2] http://dev.opennebula.org/
[3] http://opennebula.org/community/contribute/

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