[one-users] Adding test system datastore

Stefan Kooman stefan at bit.nl
Mon Feb 17 05:39:06 PST 2014

Quoting Daniel Dehennin (daniel.dehennin at baby-gnu.org):
> Hello,
> I would like to add a new system datastore to make some tests on my ONE
> 4.2 cluster.
> My problem is that it will be automatically used when added to my
> cluster.
> I would like to define some requirements to make it selectable only for
> specific VM.

You can, in your vm template you can put the following:

will be filtered out.
> Is there a way to mark a system datastore to not be used by default,
> except for template with the “good” requirements?

Actually I was looking for this as well :). For example I would like to
be able to "link" certain datastores to "groups", i.e. use datastore A
for group A by default instead of having it defined in every single
template. If users of group A have the possibility to define their own
templates and they would forget the "SCHED_DS_REQUIREMENTS" to their
datastore it would end up somewhere else (if at least they have enough
rights on other (system) datastores). Basically it would be nice to have
even more filtering capabitilites to ensure correct

Gr. Stefan

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