[one-users] HOWTO: various questions about open nebula

Paolo Di Francesco paolo.difrancesco at level7.it
Sun Feb 23 04:10:57 PST 2014

Hi All

I am wondering if there are such functionalities in opennebula:

1) backup a virtual machine without shutting it down (usually, do a 
snapshoot and then back it up)
2) as previous, but possibly storing it in a zipped file, I mean if the 
virtual HD is empty (all ZERO) why should I keep 120GB of ZEROs? :)
3) incremental backup
4) live cloning (as before, just do it without stopping it)
5) virtual machine replication: what happens if one node goes down ? is 
there something similiar to vmotion or I should afford to underlaying 
layer to have the "vmotion" capabilities?

Thank you

Ing. Paolo Di Francesco

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