[one-users] Update on Release 4.6

Ruben S. Montero rsmontero at opennebula.org
Thu Feb 20 02:17:36 PST 2014


As  you probably know, there is a bunch of new features already packed in
the master branch of the git repository [1]. These new functionality
includes the redesign of the VDC provision model and a brand-new federation
system for OpenNebula instances (oned).

We wanted to deliver this ASAP, so we decided to make a "checkpoint"
release. So we are going to release all the features we have now (beta
should be out by the end of the month) and continue working with the
original plan for 4.6 after that. There may be room to slightly adjust the
current roadmap. In summary:

* OpenNebula 4.6 will include all the features already developed
* OpenNebula 4.8 will include the rest of the features originally planned
for 4.6. We expect to have short release cycle for 4.8



[1] https://github.com/OpenNebula/one

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