[one-users] Generated Keypairs/Fingerprints in econe-server?

Campbell, Bill bcampbell at axcess-financial.com
Mon Feb 17 18:59:18 PST 2014

I've been working on integrating some external components with the econe server, which requires a generated keypair to be created for a user that will be accessing the cluster. I'm having difficulty however with the keypairs/fingerprints that are generated: 

I do the following: 

econe-create-keypair -U <url of econe-server> -K <user> -S <hashed password> testkey 

which creates the keypair and provides a private key as output: 




with a fingerprint of: 83:87:b1:b5:e7:91:a9:49:10:a4:ad:3a:0c:8c:8b:7f 

However, I create a public key from this private key and the fingerprint does NOT match the above: 

oneadmin at opennebula:~/.ssh$ ssh-keygen -y -f testkey > testkey.pub 
oneadmin at opennebula:~/.ssh$ ssh-keygen -lf testkey.pub 

2048 f0:c8:68:e0:47:bb:79:52:43:7e:f3:0b:a4:67:78:9a testkey.pub (RSA) 

This is what the third-party application (Jenkins) is telling me when I attempt to attach the private key (the fingerprints do not match) 

Am I doing something wrong? Should the fingerprint of the provided private key match the fingerprint listed on econe-create-keypair? 

Bill Campbell 
Infrastructure Architect 

Axcess Financial Services, Inc. 
7755 Montgomery Rd., Suite 400 
Cincinnati, OH 45236 

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