[one-users] Need some details on CPU/vCPU in Sunstone and capacity planning.

kiran ranjane kiran.ranjane at gmail.com
Mon Feb 17 07:29:41 PST 2014

Hi Everyone,

I have few questions with regards to cpu and vcpu while creating templates
in Sunstone :

1) What is the difference between cpu and vcpu according to opennebula
2) How do we calculate vCPU, For example if I have 1 processor with 8 core
then how much vCPU can I allocate.
3) How can I manage cpu capacity (recommendation) in a better way so that I
can utilize it in optimum way.
4) Any calculation on CPU or formula that we need to use before assigning
it to Virtual machine, For example if I use 1 CPU in the virtual machine it
uses 1 core of the processor? is this correct.
5) What is the use of vCPU, If I have allocated 1 CPU and 2 vCPU to the
virtual machine thus that mean it will use 1 core of the physical and
inside the VM it will show 2 cpu assigned to it?

I am little bit confused :)

Kiran ranjane
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