[one-users] User Stories - OpenNebula at Runtastic

Tino Vazquez cvazquez at c12g.com
Mon Feb 17 05:46:33 PST 2014

Dear OpenNebula community,

It is always good to hear user stories on how people are using
OpenNebula in their production environments.

Folks at runtastic just wrote a nice blog post [1] explaining why they
chose OpenNebula and how they are using it to run their cloud
infrastructure. An interesting excerpt from the post:

"Why did we choose OpenNebula? [..] We wanted something simple and
stable. We are a small team and have a lot of different services to
maintain. We didn't want to have an additional spot we need to focus
on. What we can say up to now: We use OpenNebula, thats it. No big
issues, no big efforts in performance tuning. The infrastructure runs
and runs and runs ... Another thing was, that have a lot of ideas in
extending OpenNebula (integrate LXC, trigger chef bootstrap from
within OpenNebula, make use of Netapp cloning features, ...). We know
ruby. OpenNebula is written in ruby. Perfect match."

If you are using OpenNebula in your company, and you want to share
your setup with the rest of the OpenNebula community, let us know!

The OpenNebula Team

[1] http://opennebula.org/opennebula-at-runtastic/

OpenNebula - Flexible Enterprise Cloud Made Simple

Constantino Vázquez Blanco, PhD, MSc
Senior Infrastructure Architect at C12G Labs
www.c12g.com | @C12G | es.linkedin.com/in/tinova

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