[one-users] Contextualization strategies and swap partition- Open Nebula 4.4 on Ubuntu 12.04

Nelson Kotowski nkotowski at gmail.com
Thu Feb 6 06:03:20 PST 2014

Dear all,

I have quite basic questions, but I couldn't manage to find an answer so
far... Please, could you help?

Just upgraded from OpenNebula 3.2 to 4.4, Ubuntu 12.04 based controllers
and hosts, KVM-based. I create my images, for the future templates, using
Virtual Machine Manager, based on Ubuntu official iso files.

In OpenNebula 4.4 docs, there are three guidelines on setting up
contextualization: basic, advanced and cloud-init usage.

1.       But... can one combine those strategies? For example, can I enable
basic contextualization in order to benefit from network parameters and
then use advanced contextualization (init script context file) in order to
setup, for example, a NFS mount point?

2.       In order to benefit from contextualization variables, is it a
pre-requisite that one installs one-context package to use each of the
contextualization strategies or only for a specific scenario (basic,
advanced or cloud-init)?

3.       Suppose I want to use only the information on basic
contextualizion (DEV_IP, DEV_DNS, etc...) to setup, for instance, virtual
machine instance IP, gateway, DNS... What should be the correct steps? Should

a.       Install the one-context package before anything?

b.      Forget about one-context package and only enable network
contextualization in the template and that´s done; or use both the
one-context package and enable the network contextualization in the

c.       Do the above and also use a init script context file, using the
DEV_IP, DEV_DNS, etc... variables?

4.       In this sense, are the one-context scripts (00-network, vmcontext,
etc...) used only with advanced contextualization, or also with the basic

5.       At last, about the swap partition... I have an image with a swap
partition defined, tried to use it in a template, but I am facing several
boot hangups associated to swap file creation (it did not happen in
OpenNebula 3.2). I read in the docs (
that "...The contextualization package will also mount any partition labeled
swap as swap..." . Does that mean we should at first create an image without
swap and then setup in OpenNebula template configuration, which will use
this image, a volatile disk, swap type? Is that the correct/suggested way
to work?

I really appreciate both your help and OpenNebula, I feel just a bit
confused on those contextualization strategies and swap issues...

Best regards,

Nelson Peixoto Kotowski Filho
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