[one-users] describe terminated instances with econe server

Mark Gergely gergely.mark at sztaki.mta.hu
Wed Feb 5 07:45:04 PST 2014

Dear All,

I believe that there is a bug with handling of the :describe_with_terminated_instances: econe server configuration variable. The variable gets evaluated in the include_terminated_instances? method (instance.rb file). The method works like this: @config[:describe_with_terminated_instances] || DESCRIBE_WITH_TERMINATED_INSTANCES, but the second constant is always true, therefore the config parameter won’t affect the return value, it will always be true.
I think that the second constant is useless and it should be removed.
also there is a spare equal mark in the default config file: :describe_with_terminated_instances: = true

All the best,
Mark Gergely
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