[one-users] ldap auth without automatic user creation

Nicolas Bélan nicolas.belan at gmail.com
Wed Feb 5 01:41:14 PST 2014


I tried successfully the LDAP auth using one 4.4, with the 'default'
auth engine.

So, I am able to log on Sunstone with a user in the right LDAP group, if
it is not created on the one user DB.

But, I am trying to answer this use case, and I can't achieve it:

1) create a user through sunstone and set it a LDAP scheme auth.
2) assign VM to this user (let's say uid 2)
3) create a correct CN in LDAP DB, and assign it to the right group
4) auth with sunstone GUI

I creates a user 3, without any VM (same filter id ...)

I would like to (pre)create user in sunstone, and give them accesses
later through LDAP auth.
Is it possible ?

Thank you
Best regards,

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