[one-users] Delete & Recreate fails in case of Host-Error

Fabian Zimmermann dev.faz at gmail.com
Fri Dec 12 04:15:38 PST 2014


Am 12.12.14 13:04, schrieb Ruben S. Montero:
> If you have shared storage, you can simply issue onevm resched (I think the
> hook can do that.... with the -m option).
> If there is no shared storage then you have to go through the
> delete-recreate step, that will fail for the host as it is down. The host
> should be cleaned up manually once it is online again.
Ah! Thanks I just misread the oned.conf

Nevertheless, I used "-r" and assumed it would re-create the VM, but
this failed if you use (ceph) shared storage, because clone will abort
if previous cleanup failed, so there is (in my opinion) a bug, because
tm should handle this by removing or using the old snap/disk, isn't it?


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