[one-users] grant access to sunstone vnc for user's vm

Gary S. Cuozzo gary at isgsoftware.net
Wed Mar 27 12:37:26 PDT 2013

I am trying to give another user access to the VNC console to their VM in sunstone. Here is what I tried: 
* give the user a login using their email address as username & a password 
* create a unique group and add the new user to the group 
* set user/group ownership for image/template/vm to the new user & group 
* set permissions for user & group to "use" for each image/template/vm 

When I try to login as the new user, I can see the resources in sunstone. The "vnc access" icon for the VM is enabled. I can click it, but nothing at all happens. No window pops up, nothing in the log, no error. 

Can somebody let me know if I'm doing something wrong and what the proper process to give access to a user? 

I'm using ONE 3.8.1. 

Thanks in advance, 

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