[one-users] How to add a new set of drivers for OpenNebula

zouxinzhe zouxinzhe at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 01:46:15 PST 2013

I am a member of BC-EC which is a cloud compute project of CHINA MOBILE. And BC-EC has already deeply integrate with OpenNebula. 
Recently,our team has just developed a new storage system for BC-EC. It can improve the performance of creating VMs and other operations.
Here are our requirements and questions:
As we all know,OpenNebula 3.8 offers the drivers of LVM/ISCSI/FS/VMware. How can we develop a whole set of custom drivers to OpenNebula?For example,we
can create a new datastore, named "BC-EBS".Then, all the operations related to the datastore,like registering image/creating VM/migration VM... ,
will use our new shell scripts. We may have to do some changes in your original source code about C++ 、ruby and shell. However,we have no idea about
which part we should change or pay more attention to. Consequently. it will be very kind if you give us some advice about sections which should be edited. Certainly,More details will be better.
Thanks for your time!

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