[one-users] Local storage on the node (lvm, etc)

Maxence Dunnewind maxence.dunnewind at inria.fr
Fri Jul 19 04:28:01 PDT 2013


> As far as I understand the documentation, it looks like all storage options
> for OpenNebula are shared - ceph, iSCSI, nfs, cLVM.

No, you can also use filesystem DS in combination with ssh TM for exemple.

> However, configuring the storage locally on the node would allow for better
> performance (especially if using SSDs), even though the VM then would not
> be fault tolerant (node goes down, so does the storage for the VM). On the
> other hand it would still be possible to migrate the VM, assuming the
> original node is up (by copying the data to the new node).

I customized the TM (see http://blog.opennebula.org/?p=4002 ), so that image is
copied from "remote" storage (could be ssh or nfs) to the local LVM. I still
plan to publish these patch, even if they are based on 3.6, so I'll probably
first update them so that they work on 4.x.

> Is there a way to configure OpenNebula to use local logical volumes as a
> datastore? Create the lv on the node, boot the VM, if nned be create the lv
> on another node, migrate the VM.

If you join OpenNebulaConf in Berlin, I'll give a talk about it Thursday
afternoon (http://opennebulaconf.com/schedule/), I'll be happy to discuss it
with you.

In a nutshell, you can basically use filesystem DS with a customized version 
of ssh TM which creates LV on the flight.


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