[one-users] Issue with picking up proper ulimits during contextualization

Richard Bettridge rbettridge at blackberry.com
Fri Jul 26 08:11:32 PDT 2013


I'm having an issue where the ulimit for open files isn't being set properly when I spin up a process for a user during contextualization.

Upon start up of the non-persistent ubuntu 12 image, I am setting limits.conf to what I want and I'm explicitly adding ulimit -n 65536 to the user's .bashrc. However at the end of my 90_tomcat script when I execute the tomcat process the ulimit is not being picked up and is set to 1024 instead

As a test in my 90_tomcat script I'm running ulimit -a >> /tmp/tomcatsu.txt

root at host002:/mnt# cat 90_tomcat |grep "su tomcatA"
su tomcatA -l -c "ulimit -a >> /tmp/tomcatsu.txt"

So this gets run at the end of 90_tomcat:
su tomcatA -l -c "ulimit -a >> /tmp/tomcatsu.txt"
su tomcatA -l -c "/var/jakarta-tomcatA/bin/startup.sh"

When I cat the txt file it says 1024:

root at host002:/etc/pam.d# cat /tmp/tomcatsu.txt |grep open
open files                      (-n) 1024

But when I log in manually as root and run /mnt/90_tomcat by hand I end up getting the proper ulimit:

root at host002:/etc/pam.d# cat /tmp/tomcatsu.txt |grep open
open files                      (-n) 65536

Not sure what the issue but I'd appreciate any input.


Richard Bettridge
Systems Engineering Specialist

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