[one-users] NIC Hot Plug with OpenVSwitch

MENDOZA, John Robert T. bert at asti.dost.gov.ph
Sun Jul 14 00:10:10 PDT 2013

Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone is doing ok. :)

Just want to ask if anybody has tried the NIC hot plug functionality
with OpenVSwitch.  I'm testing ONE 4.0.1 and am having error messages
pertaining to the creation of the virtual ports for the VMs.  It
outputs  "error: Unable to add bridge ovsbr0 port vnetX: Operation not
supported". I did some Google'ing and it seems that the virsh CLI
utility has not been updated to support OpenVSwitch bridges as it still
treats the type bridge argument to be a linux bridge.  I'm thinking of
recoding the "attach_nic" script to create an xml file and use "virsh
attach-device" to hot plug the NIC the same way disk hot plugging is
done.  Any thoughts? Or is there something else I should know why ONE
used "attach-interface" in the first place?

John Robert Mendoza

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