[one-users] problems with images in 3.8.3

Rolandas Naujikas rolandas.naujikas at mif.vu.lt
Tue Jan 22 02:09:14 PST 2013

On 2013-01-22 09:58, Rolandas Naujikas wrote:
> Hi,
> I see that bug http://dev.opennebula.org/issues/1087 reappeared in
> 3.8.3. The sequence to repeat is:
> 1) create an image as save from VM (as an user in oneadmin group);
> 2) change owner to oneadmin;
> 3) delete image;
> 4) repeat (1) and (2) will fail saying "[ImageChown] USER [0] already
> owns IMAGE [N] with NAME XXX", where N - is id of already deleted image.
> Restart of one solves temporary problem.
> Also I saw several times that images were in use by nonexistent VM.
> onedb fsck will complain and correct that.

At least I can confirm it with cancel action on VM.

> Regards, Rolandas Naujikas

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