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Túlio Gomes tulio.gomesbarbosa at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 12:39:42 PST 2013

Hi guys,

i'm trying to deploy some virtual machines on a single host using
openvswitch network driver.

Currently, i'm testing the vlan isolation feature provided by openvswitch,
but it's not working like described in documentation.

What i'm trying to do is to set two interfaces on each vm (one for data
control and another for tests)

For example:
I have 4 vm's with the following ips and vlans:
eth0 = data control
eth1 = tests purposes
1 - eth0:; eth1:; vlan: 32
2 - eth0:; eth1:; vlan: 32
3 - eth0:; eth1:; vlan: 64
4 - eth0:; eth1:; vlan: 64

The host has the ip (broadcast and netmask

Here's the problem: i can ping from vm 1 to vm 2 (ping, but i
also can ping from vm 1 to vm 3 or vm 4 (ping or ping

That is, VM's 1 and 2 can communicate with each other, but they also can
communicate with vm's 3 and 4.

I'm using ttylinux image and the following virtual network and virtual
machines templates:

-- Virtual network templates
    <NAME>control network</NAME>

    <NAME>test network</NAME>

    <NAME>test network 2</NAME>

-- Virtual machine template
        <!-- control network -->
        <!-- test network: vlan = 32 or vlan = 64 -->

When i execute the ovs-vsctl show command, i got this:
 Bridge "br0"
        Port "eth0"
            Interface "eth0"
        Port "vnet0"
            Interface "vnet0"
        Port "vnet1"
            tag: 32
            Interface "vnet1"
        Port "vnet2"
            Interface "vnet2"
        Port "vnet3"
            tag: 32
            Interface "vnet3"
        Port "vnet4"
            Interface "vnet4"
        Port "vnet5"
            tag: 64
            Interface "vnet5"
        Port "vnet6"
            Interface "vnet6"
        Port "vnet7"
            tag: 64
            Interface "vnet7"
        Port "br0"
            Interface "br0"
                type: internal

I also noticed something wrong when i execute the ifconfig command in vm's:
broadcast and netmask aren't correct ( and

I tried to find some issue like mine but i didn't had success.
Can you guys help me with this issue?

Túlio Gomes Barbosa
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