[one-users] VM shutdown/cancel/delete action concurrency

Rolandas Naujikas rolandas.naujikas at mif.vu.lt
Thu Jan 3 02:47:57 PST 2013


When testing on 3.8.1 I found, that shutdown/cancel/delete of VM in a 
host is done in parallel without ability to configure concurrency (like 
MAX_HOST in sched.conf). That leads to several problems:
(1) potential overload of storage with persistent images (ssh/qcow2 TM 
(2) race conditions in ebtables/iptables, as those tools doesn't support 
concurrent execution

I saw (2) in my crash tests (submitting many VMs to the host with 
network=ebtables and doing onevm shutdown on them), which could be 
solved with "flock /tmp/ebtables sudo ebtables" and "flock /tmp/iptables 
sudo iptables" in OpenNebulaNetwork.rb as a workaround.

When MAX_HOST=1 in sched.conf, then there are no problems with 
ebtables/iptables concurrency in deploy time, but when MAX_HOST>1, then 
the (2) problem could also be.

Regards, Rolandas Naujikas

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