[one-users] Fwd: problems with VM IPs and disks

Stefano Nicotri stefano.nicotri at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 15:38:26 PST 2013

Good Morning Everybody,

I am new to opennebula and to this mailing list, and I have a problem...

I have successfully installed the software on the frontend and one host
machine, have created a network (fixed, dummy) with a certain number of
(private) IPs, an image (cdrom) containing an iso of a debian installation
cd, an image containing empty datablock (non-persistent) to use as hd.
I have then created a template for a VM, attaching to it the images of the
iso and of the datablock, in order to be able to perform a fresh
installation of the OS on the empty disk (I have set the BOOT option to
Everything goes fine, but I have this problem:

the IP assigned to the VM is one of the ones I had specified creating the
network and it is shown on sunstone next to the VM, but it is not the IP on
which the VM is listening (for example to ssh connections). If i want to
connect to the VM through ssh i have to connect with vnc, catch the IP
through ifconfig (it always turns out not to be one of the IPs specified in
the definition of the network, but just randomly (?) assigned) and ssh to
that address, rather than to the one shown in sunstone.
What is the difference between the "management" IP and the "ssh" one?
Is it possible to tell the system which (ssh) IP has to be assigned to the
VM when it is instantiated (possibly a public one)?

Thank you very much in advance to whoever could help me with this issue I
am stuck with.
And sorry if I have been a bit long....

Best Regards,
Stefano Nicotri
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