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Carlo Daffara carlo.daffara at cloudweavers.eu
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We use OpenNebula with KVM as an hypervisor and the Spice protocol, and it works quite well (with usb redirection as an added bonus).
If you virtualize windows desktops, especially Win7 or more recent, you can use the RDP7.1 remotization protocol that works well with FreeRDP
( http://www.freerdp.com/ ).
We have several SMEs that are using this as the standard configuration, and works quite well. For on-demand desktops you can use non-persistent images, and a simple script that creates instances on demand by connecting directly through OpenNebula on some external signal (for example, clicking a button).
Carlo Daffara

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I want to know if using OpenNebula is posible get a solution of Desktop as
a Service (DaaS) and how do it.

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