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Alexandre Bezroutchko abb at gremwell.com
Wed Apr 24 04:04:04 PDT 2013

On 04/23/2013 08:18 PM, Ionut Popovici wrote:
> Hello i'm interested to know if there is any way to setup on and
> template a
> nic interface in TRUNK mode, the thing is that i wana a interface to
> join in
> more than 1 Vlan.
> An example is that i wana to add an router on the network and pass the
> traffic tru router but the router will handle more vlans, networks
> The ideea is to manage the traffic tru a router or more but i don't
> wana the
> opennebula host to get involed to any traffic.
If you serious about your host not being involved into handling network
traffic for VMs, you need to do PCI pass-through of your network cards
to a separate network driver domain and do all bridging/routing there. I
saw it in the list of features of xen-4.2 I think. Qubes OS uses such an
arrangement, but they use earlier version of xen, probably backported
some patches. You might be able to do the same with other hypervisors
supporting PCI pass-through.

If you put a bar little lower and accept the host working as a bridge,
you should be able to have tagged traffic delivered from a physical
interface to a VM using standard Linux bridge without any further
trickery. Just use dummy network driver in Opennebula and terminate
VLANs in your VM with vconfig.

This will not let you choose what VLANs to bridge though. If you really
need it perhaps you can use ebtables, use OpenVSwitch, or create a mess
of intermediate bridges to "extract" individual VLANs and bridge them
again together. None of this will be out-of-the-box though.

Hope this helps.

> Ex in template is
> NIC=[
>   IP="x.x.x.x",
>   NETWORK="wan" ]
> NIC=[
>   NETWORK="lan1",
>   NETWORK="lan2",
> VLAN_ID="64",
> VLAN_ID="65" ]
> TEMPLATE_ID="1023"
> ideea is that on the second nic i i have an interface set on vlan
> trunk mode
> not access like vyatta
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