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Sun Apr 21 02:59:06 PDT 2013

Reply myself in list just if someone has the same problem.
Just installed a Debian Wheezy server with Xen Hypervisor with command:

aptitude install xen-linux-system-amd64 xen-tools xen-utils-4.1 
xen-hypervisor-4.1-amd64 blktap-dkms blktap-dev blktap-utils

blktab modules isn't in stock default kernel, then I have to use the 
dkms package that builds that.

Then I followed all the instruction on OpenNebula Documentation but the 
driver that I have to use is "tap2:tapdisk:aio:" and not "tap:aio:": you 
can change it in template or globally in 

Il 21/04/2013 10:07, Alberto Zuin - Liste ha scritto:
> Il 21/04/2013 09:44, Alberto Zuin - Liste ha scritto:
>> Hello all,
>> please let me known if OpenNebula 3.8 (or the next 4.0) is compatible 
>> with XCP (Xen Cloud Platform): I known there is an old driver for 2.2 
>> version but I don't understand if the driver is "dead" or if this 
>> feature is now "out-of-the-box".
>> If XCP isn't compatible, what is the best way to have OpenNebuka with 
>> an updated xen HyperVisors (4.0-4.1)? CentOS include XEN 
>> virtualization only in 5.X releases (XEN 3), Debian has a problem 
>> with blktap driver and I have to use the (unsuggested) file. OpenSUSE?
>> Thanks,
>> Alberto
> Ok, just found an old message where Tino Vazquez said XCP driver isn't 
> tested with OpenNebula 3.4: I guess that isn't tested in new versions 
> and is a dead project.
> Please answer to second question: what is the best way to have a Xen 
> complete and updated HyperVisor (without compiling kernel, xen and 
> xen-tools)?
> Thanks,
> Alberto

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