[one-users] shared transfer manager and image file ownership to qemu

Hyun Woo Kim hyunwoo at fnal.gov
Thu Apr 11 04:59:13 PDT 2013


Thanks for the message.
I was aware of dynamic_ownership attribute
but I did not know the documentation also had instruction about user and

I solved this problem by directly modifying /etc/group to put the user
qemu in the group oneadmin.
I should try what the documentation suggests instead.

Thanks again.
Hyunwoo Kim
FermiCloud Project

On 4/11/13 1:14 AM, "Giovanni Toraldo" <me at gionn.net> wrote:

>it looks like you are completely missing this useful paragraph from
>the documentation:
>chmod 660 should be sufficient since OpenNebula frontend and VMs
>should be running with the same user (usually oneadmin) on every node.
>Giovanni Toraldo

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