[one-users] Fwd: VM of second host m/c goes to Failed state

Preetham Nagaraju preetham.nagaraju at gmail.com
Thu Apr 18 05:32:59 PDT 2013

*Hi Sir,*

Firstly, i have installed *Opennebula 3.9.80 on Ubuntu 12.04 OS which has
KVM hypervisor* in it. I am using this machine as *both Fontend &
Host/Node* machine.
In this, Opennebula is working fine & the same m/c as node/host is also
working fine i.e this host m/c in opennebula is in *"ON"* state.

Further i have added another host m/c i.e *2nd host m/c which has
Ubuntu12.04 OS with XEN hypervisor*.. From the 1st m/c i can ssh
passwordless to 2nd m/c & vice-versa and also automount from 1st m/c to 2nd
m/c.... This 2nd host m/c is also added successfully to opennebula and it
is also in *"ON"* state....

*oneadmin at opennebula:~$ onehost list*
   8 opennebula      -           2    100 / 200 (50%)   1024M / 2G (51%)
on  -----------------   1st host m/c(KVM)
  16 node1           -           0       0 / 200 (0%)       0K / 2G (0%)
on  -----------------   2nd host m/c(XEN)

After adding the host m/c's, further for creating VM's, since i have 2
different m/c's with 2 different hypervisor's there is no common image
available in "Marketplace"....

So downloaded "Ubuntu-12.04.2-desktop-i386.iso" image and started creating
the image using this....

Image was created of 2 types, one is of CDROM & the other is of OS type and
persistent..... ----------------*please find the screenshots*

Image was uploaded successfully and *created the template* as follows:-

cpu = 0.5
memory = 512
vcpu = 1

*Storage* - selected the image, here i have two images one is in *CDROM type
* and other is in *OS type* which was converted from DATABLOCK and it is
persistent "yes" ---- both arre in ready state....    ----------* i have
doubt here whether i need to select both the images or which image i should
select CDROM or OS type image...*.

*Network* --- Selected the created network.....

*OS Booting                             Kernel
Arch = x86_64                   Nothing to select
Nothing to select
Boot = CDROM                         (Screenshot ---please find the

Graphics = vnc

After this if i give instantiate and deploy vm's as 2, vm in the 1st host
m/c i.e frontend m/c with kvm hypervisor will be in*"Running"* state and
after hosting vnc not able to install ubuntu os, because it shows doesn't
have enough space.....* --------------how to set the size of the vm to be
created in that host....* ------ *please find the screenshot*

But the 2nd vm in the 2nd host m/c i.e another m/c of ubuntu os with xen
hypervisor goes to *"Failed"* state...... *------------how to setup vm in
this 2nd host m/c which has xen hypervisor in it....i can ssh passwordless
and automount from frontend m/c but then also vm goes to "Failed"
state.......* ------ *please find the screenshot*

Please find the screenshots, log file in the attachment....


*?** Regards,***

*Preetham. N*

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