[one-users] VM Disaster Recovery without resubmit of harddisk images

Stefan.Steinert at brodos.de Stefan.Steinert at brodos.de
Mon Oct 1 07:57:09 PDT 2012


I am currently using OpenNebula with multiple Hosts and the VM Images Stored in an shared NFS System. So every Host sees all Images. 

I got now the Problem that I want to provide a fault tolerant system with mostly no loss of data on crash. 

Let's have the situation that one of my Host crashes... OpenNebula now tells me that the Host is down but still assumes that the VM are running. 

What I now want to do is to restart the VM which was running on the crashed Host with the same already deployed hard disk images on a different Host still working host to get the system with the existing data back running (something like an offline migration but with one host down). 
Till now I was not able to find a way to do that in OpenNebula. 
Is there already a way and I didn't find it or is that planed as a future feature? 


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